It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sitting Bull, Native American man of power and medicine

On December 15, 1890, Tatanka Iyotake (Sitting Bull) was assassinated. An Indian agent had ordered his capture, because the U.S. government was afraid of his power and influence and of the ghost dance movement. 39 policemen and 4 volunteers were sent to arrest one man, Sitting Bull.

When they went to his house to arrest Sitting Bull, he refused to go. Then the police shot Sitting Bull in the chest & head. Lakota loyal to Sitting Bull confronted the police, and killed a total of 9 of them, including the officer who shot Sitting Bull.

Tatanka Iyotake (Sitting Bull) took his last breath between noon & 1:00 p.m. The wailing of women could be heard in every direction.

Sitting Bull was a Chief, Medicine Man, prophet, & statesman. He was a member of the Kit Fox Society, the Midnight Strong Heart Society & many others. The Strong Hearts were an elite group of warriors. He was also a sash wearer, a title reserved for only the bravest of Lakota.

It was Sitting Bull who received the vision of Custer’s Fall at Greasy Grass (Little Big Horn) while sundancing. He gave 50 pieces of flesh that day. That’s why the people were camped at Little Big Horn; for Sundance. In his vision, Sitting Bull saw soldiers fall like grasshoppers, and a voice said unto him, “I give these to you, because they have no ears." (Note: the U.S. soldiers under George Armstrong Custer were NOT massacred in battle. Many of them shot each other or committed suicide because they realized they were outnumbered and afraid of being captured and facing torture.)

Sitting Bull was loved by many. Other Native Nations ran to him for help, like the Nez Perce. After the Dakota War in Minnesota, some Dakota went to camp with Sitting Bull of the Hunkpapa Lakota. Some of his wives were Dakota. That’s who made him Dakota floral beadwork.

Sitting Bull once traveled to visit Wovoka, a Paiute holyman who had the vision of the Ghost Dance. He left a sacred bundle on their lands.

“If we must die, we die defending our rights.” -Sitting Bull

Sunday, December 2, 2018

The New World School curriculum? Welcome to the classes!

Changing the way school is structured

The Future of Education - A School You Would WANT To Attend! 

Besides subject study, ample social time should be given between classes and play time (or nap opportunities) should be allowed in the morning and afternoon. A “free” class could be created where a child can expand on any topic they wish with other children, i.e., let the children teach the children. 

The length of time for classes should be less than one hour for each class, schedules should be individualized, homework should be a rarity, and the children should not be overworked or stressed. Class credits should be given for the interaction in community of gardening, building infrastructure, and care-giving.

School should be fun and the children will want to add as many classes as they can. Curriculum should be an interactive choice between the student, parent, and a counselor based on the capability of the child, and graduation of primary and secondary schools could be done at any age.

Careers in education

 Education will need to be continuously re-created as more strands of our DNA are activated and more information is available to humans through our higher selves and our Akashic records. One of Education will need to be continuously re-created as more strands of our DNA are activated and more information is available to humans through our higher selves and our Akashic records. One of the most sought-after jobs will be teaching these brilliant children and it will be one of the most rewarding careers to have. 

Education administrators will be free thinkers, organizers, and mediators, and will enjoy their jobs just as much as teachers. the most sought after jobs will be teaching these brilliant children and it will be one of the most rewarding careers to have. Education administrators will be free thinkers, organizers, and mediators, and will enjoy their jobs just as such as teachers.

 Does this article give you any ideas about the future of education and the co-creation of the New Earth? If so, now is the time to begin brainstorming and to form groups on Facebook and other social media sites dedicated to revamping our education system. Change will have to happen on the community level by example and then spread throughout the world due to the success of one particular curriculum over another. Information and awareness about the corruption of our current system and what we are going to do about it is the key to moving forward as free-willed humans.

Math- Geometry is the basic building block of all life. Math will take on a whole new meaning and new ways of arithmetic along with fun ways to calculate will be taught.

Cosmic Science- Identity and placement of Universes in our cosmos and the difference between free willed Universes and non free-willed Universes.

Universal Science- How planets, moons, and stars are sentient beings and how they all work together to form solar systems and galaxies.

Universal History- The history of the Universe including civilizations and placement in the Cosmos.

Creation Science- The study of how everyone and everything is connected from one Creator and how we contribute to that creation.

Human History- DNA studies, human genetics, and the history of humanity from Lyra to today, including the social statistics, behaviors, and characteristics of all humans in our Universe.

Human Rights- Constitutional Law on freedom and the Golden Rule.

Sexual Relations- The responsibility behind merging energies with another human and teaching the ability to decide whether another human body is created.

Universal Language- Learning the language of light which is understood throughout the Universe.

Universal Law- Learning the importance of Universal Law and how it relates to all sentient beings.

Astrology - Learning how to read and fully understand your birth chart.

Astronomy - Understanding the importance of stars, planets and constellations.  Learning how the stars can show us the cycles of time along with how they can be used for navigation.

Sixth Sense Studies- Developing all of your innate gifts.

Meditation - Guided classes on how to safely travel the Universe with your consciousness, learning new meditation techniques, developing new ones.

Exercise- Yoga, Tai Chi, etc.

Galactic Ambassador Training- How to become a galactic ambassador, spaceship flight training.

Healing- Methods for keeping the body clear of negativity (reiki, quantum touch, etc...), responsible thinking, service to others.

Gardening- How to grow organic food and hemp for cultivation, different forms of gardening such as hydroponics, permaculture, etc...

Technological and Industrial Sciences- How to make almost anything from hemp, 3d printing, free energy technology, encourage free thinking and non-competitive invention

Environment- The true importance of being stewards of the earth by living on her without making footprints and healing the environment.

Recycling- Maximizing what has been created in the past into something sustainable.

Council of Elder training- With the elimination of government, a Council of Elders training program will be facilitated to ensure that future elders will always be working in humanity's best interests.

Music- All forms of music including history, composition, symphonic band and concert, and voice.

UFO Research - Classes on the documentation of UFOs through night vision goggles, how to interact with them, sky mapping, UFOs in Art History, etc...

Creative arts- All forms of creativity including art, dance, drama, and writing.

Community- How to contribute economically to your community through barter, volunteering, and communal care-giving for all children. Creative culinary classes and decorating houses for energy flow could be subjects.

Life Path Development - Helping people find their life path, based on their astrological charts, personal interests and past life experiences.

Spiritual Psychology- Learning how the body, mind, soul and spirit interact.  Dream analysis, dream journals, counseling methods, past life regression techniques are included in this genre.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Alan Watts: the Dark Side of the Soul needs to be revealed

The Dark Side of our a wonderful place to visit for the hidden stories that need to be revealed. No one says it better (well, in modern times) than Alan Watts.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Gustav Holst: "The Planets" Op. 32 and astrological influences

Gustav Holst:  The Planets Op. 32
- Mars, the Bringer of War- Venus, the Bringer of Peace- Mercury, the Winged Messenger- Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity- Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age- Uranus, the Magician- Neptune, the Mystic.

In March of 1913, Holst received an anonymous gift which enabled him to travel to Spain with Clifford Bax, the brother of the composer Arnold Bax (and later the librettist for Holst's opera The Wandering Scholar). Clifford Bax was an astrologer, and he and Holst became good friends, with Bax introducing him to the concepts of astrology.

Perhaps due to this friendship, Holst began to rediscover his childhood intrigue with theosophy. He had a book in his library called, "The Art of Synthesis," by Alan Leo. Leo was himself an astrologer and Theosophist who published various books on astrology. Alan Leo divided his book into chapters based on each planet, and described the astrological characteristics of them. In fact, "Neptune, the Mystic," is given the same title in both the book and the suite! Holst may have been introduced to Leo by George Mead, a Sanskrit scholar and a fellow member, along with Holst, of the Royal Asiatic Society. Mead and Leo were friends.

Holst called his piece "a series of mood pictures." He seemed to consider The Planets a progression of life. "Mars" perhaps serves as a rocky and tormenting beginning; it was written in 1914, and clearly forecasts the upcoming devastation of World War I. In contrast, the gentle restrains of "Venus" seems to provide an answer to "Mars" and the concept of Venus as "the bringer of peace" helps aid that claim. "Mercury" and its delightfully quick movements can be thought of as the messenger between our world and the other worlds. Perhaps "Jupiter" and its optimistic nature represents the "prime" of life, even with the overplayed central melody, which was later arranged to the words of "I vow to thee, my country."

"Saturn" can be viewed as indicative of Holst's later mature style, and also reflects the death of Holst's father. Through "Saturn" it can be said that old age is not always peaceful and happy. The movement may display the ongoing struggle for life against the odd supernatural forces. This notion may be somewhat outlandish, but the music seems to lend credence to this. "Saturn" is followed by "Uranus, the Magician," a quirky scherzo displaying a robust musical climax before the tranquility of the female choir in "Neptune" enchants the audience.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Raphael (musician): "Angels of the Deep"

(From the Hearts of Space product description): 
With Angels of the Deep, Raphael has created his own sonic mythology in which the natural merges with the supernatural. In these dark waters, dreams and archetypes rise up to nourish those who yearn for inspiration in the search for creative renewal. After thirty years of composing, performing, and inspiring other people with his lush, transcendental romantic style, the Maui-based musician Raphael faced an artistic crisis. His previous releases, Music to Disappear In and Music to Disappear In II had become bestselling classics in the new age/contemporary genre. 

"My harmonies were getting stuck," he recalls. With only twelve notes in an octave, I was beginning to wonder if I hadn't already worn them out." The breakthrough came in a dream: swimming with a magnificent whale, he told the creature his fears of losing his muse. "That's ridiculous," said the whale. "The possibilites of music are endless. You can never reach the end. It's like trying to calculate the last decimal of pi. It just goes on forever." 

On Angels of the Deep, real whales provide the impetus for Raphael's musical re-birth. The first two selections, "Angels of the Deep" and "Communion," constitute a two-part concerto for whales and synthesizers, and take a quantum leap in the use of natural ambient sounds in a musical context. Not content to merely add a few whale sounds as atmospheric background, Raphael actually derived his unusual twists of phrase from their amazingly soulful cries. Bending his synthesized sounds, the composer glides with the sinuous tones of his aquatic colleagues as his own luxurious melodies rise and fall in waves of emotion. 

The level of ecstasy escalates as Raphael's themes swirl through a vast sea of liquid harmonies and swim circles aorund the songs of the whales. Soon the illusion of swimming becomes synonymous with flying as the music soars with an intensity of feeling unmatched by his previous recordings.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Waterbirth for mother and child

We are created as a fetus and develop in water--and live in it for the nine months of development before our birth.  Yet we are delivered in a cold, harsh environment with bright lights and a shock to our system.  Why do we not use the waterbirth method?

"How beautiful! Everyone interested in supporting the optimal health of mothers and babies needs to see this uplifting and transformational film."
--- Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

The Waterbirth Website provides in-depth information on the use of water for labor, childbirth, and early childhood development. It includes fascinating information from the world's leading waterbirth pioneers, product information on ordering the award-winning WATER BABY video documentary and Waterbirth Providers List, dozens of personal waterbirth stories, a Waterbirth Photo Gallery, and lots more!

Learn all about this wonderful new innovation that enables safe, gentle, joyous, empowering childbirth. This pioneering site is dedicated to the belief that every mother has the right to have the birth experience she wants, and to educate expectant parents and birthcare professionals about the extraordinary value of water labor and waterbirth to everyone concerned. Read on and learn how you can give yourself, your mate and your baby the wonderful gift of gentle, joyous waterbirth.
You're worth it!

The Benefits of Water
for Labor and/or Birth

Greater comfort and mobility. The mother has much greater ease and freedom to move spontaneously and to change position to assist the descent of the baby.

Reduction of pressure on the abdomen. Buoyancy promotes more efficient uterine contractions and better blood circulation, resulting in better oxygenation of the uterine muscles, less pain for the mother, and more oxygen for the baby.

Helps mother to conserve her energy. Immersion reduces opposition to gravity; supports the mother's weight so that her energy can be used to cope with the contractions.

Promotes deeper relaxation. As a woman relaxes deeply in water, her hormones kick in and she starts progressing faster and with more rhythm; labor becomes more efficient.

Water relaxes the pelvic floor muscles.

Water minimizes pain so effectively that for most women other pain control methods are no longer needed.

Water stimulates the touch and temperature nerve fibers in the skin. It blocks impulses from the pain fibers, known as the Gate Theory of Pain.

Immersion is often more effective and safer than an epidural. Some people call waterbirth an "aquadural."

Facilitates a dysfunctional labor. Water can be an effective way to stimulate dilation of the cervix when the mother has difficulty progressing into the active stage of labor.

Water can reduce the need for drugs to artificially stimulate labor. Often, simply getting into the tub will result in dramatic and rapid progress to full dilation within an hour or two.

Lowering of blood pressure. When anxiety is causing high blood pressure, immersion in water often helps lower it.

Change of consciousness. Immersion helps relieve anxiety and promotes relaxation. Water helps a woman to let go and focus inward as labor strengthens.

Easier breathing. Moisture in the air makes it easier to breathe and can be helpful to women with asthma.

Facilitates the second stage of labor. Many mothers are less inhibited in the water. The warm water softens the vagina, vulva, and perineum, leading to fewer injuries to these tissues.

Many women experience rapid second stages, with the baby emerging minutes after the body starts pushing, also known as the fetus ejection reflex (see Odent, The Nature of Birth and Breastfeeding).

Empowerment of the mother. When a woman delivers her baby while remaining awake, aware and in control, it greatly enhances the birth experience for her and becomes a source of great personal strength and power that enriches her life forever.

Greater involvement of the father. Because the mother's pain and stress is so greatly reduced, it is much easier for fathers to particpate and take a more active role in the birthing process. Many men are reluctant to become involved in the birth experience when they know that the mother is likely to endure intense pain, trauma and suffering during labor and delivery.

Enhanced family relationships. When the mother's pain is dramatically reduced, many fathers eagerly take a more active role in the delivery, resulting in a greater family bond. When fathers are more involved it increases the possibility of a joyous birth. Both parents and child get to share a wonderous experience that can enhance their relationships with each other for the rest of their lives.

Better parent-child interactions. A mother who has had a beautiful and empowering birth experience will have an especially positive association in her mind and emotions to that child; and a baby who has had an easy, non-traumatic, not painful, gentle birth will have an especially positive association to the parent. This exceptionally positive start to their relationship will likely enhance the parent-child interactions forever.

Evolving humanity in a positive direction. Many psychologists believe that babies born gently grow up to become more gentle adults, and have a greater ability to deal with problems non-violently.

Resources: Daniels, 1986; Balaskas, 1990; Lichy, 1993; Napierala, 1994.