It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Michael, meet Mitchell...and Donna and Carol

Regarding names: I've noticed a pattern of sorts that might explain some of what you see here...and a few other options.

In a previous post, I showed the power of letters and how our names are indications of the numerical value and spiritual qualities of our life lessons.

One "set" of names that I found to have a level of synchronicity ("There are no accidents in the Grand Design of the Universe") was something I noticed in my child psychology classes as an undergrad student at Rutgers:  a succession of professors who were variations of "Diane":  Diana, Dina, Donna, and Deanna.  As an astrologist, I wasn't totally surprised: "Diana" was the Roman goddess of the Moon--and the Moon itself represents Motherhood in astrological terms. 

I also saw a similar pattern when I was teaching:  many women who worked with special education kids were either "Carol," "Carole, " or "Carolyn."  I think this is a similar cycle that is part of the Feminine Life Cycle:  "Diana" as I see it represents "Motherhood," and "Carol" represents a young woman in her adolescent years. 

Now:  for the image at the top of this post:  I'm sure you would recognize him by his sword:  the archangel Michael.  And that's the other purpose for this post:  some reflections on "Michael"...and "Mitchell"--which is my full first name.  The meaning of both "Michael" and "Mitchell" is "He who is like God."  (No, I'm not claiming to be the Creator--and that's a whole different level:  "God" versus the Creator-Source-of-All have a completely different meaning when you're not caught in the power games on this planet.)

About "Mitchell":  I have always been called "Michael" by people when they first say my name; it's like they have a mental barrier against being able to see it.  "Mitchell" comes from the Norman French translation of "Michel," which again has its origin with "Michael."  "Michelle" (in the feminine) also has its origins here.

So who ARE the "Michael's" and "Mitchell's" of this realm here on Earth?  
 "Michael" as an archangel's domain means that we are SUPPOSED to be part of an "assignment" to his purpose:  he upholds and maintains the balance and protection of Divine Purpose and the Creator's wishes.  You could sort of consider a "Michael" lifetime as being one where "Care and Protection for Others" is a mandate; sort of a Karmic Enforcer of Divine Principles.

The same thing for a "Mitchell," but not quite the same "division"; we've got a similar assignment within the ranks of "Michael" but with a slight variation. We don't wear the same "uniform," but we know we are under the domain of the One Whose Name we were Given.  And no: not every "Michael" or "Mitchell" lives a life like this.  It's always been about choice--for everyone.  Well, not all of us fulfill this destiny, purpose, or role:  being caught in the cycles of ego and control does trap even the most sincere in the web of power and its uses.

The mandate is the same:  Let No Harm Come to Those Who Seek Safety and are In Need of Divine Protection.  I think of it in the words of one who said "The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few."  In that regard, I reflect on those who use their sense of power/ego to gain control and dominion over those whom (the subject) considers to be weak or inferior; kind of the same way Greed and Possessiveness has been used as a weapon to justify slavery...cruelty to others...war and property rights and boundaries...gender control (of women)...abuse of resources, and other means of domination.  

I don't care who waves which book of faith and says "Well, it says here...'Go out and dominate...slay...etc'."
It's not that cut-and-dry.  Nor does it mean "Well, that's what I believe is the word of {fill in your own deity}" is justification.  It's not about that individual's education or training in their respective theology either:  information and how it is taught is a tool--and weapon misused--of Power. There are consequences for actions, and it's not the wisest thing to assume that because something was ALLOWED to happen, it's been sanctioned on a Higher Level.  By your name...some of you serve in ways that reflect how and why you are here for the well-being and protection of others.  Look to it for your Life Purpose--and those whom you meet.

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