It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh, you're a tricky little devil at that!!

It's time We had a talk.You and Me--about business...politics...your love life...and even creative visualization. But first, some clarity: I didn't do anything to you. You did it yourself.

That's REALLY why your life--pardon the pun--went to Hell in a hand basket. Stop putting the blame on Me. It's your own fault. It was about the choices YOU made. And the results YOU wanted. And I KNOW you don't want to hear it and I KNOW you don't want to believe it--but I really don't have the job you think I do. Oh, yeah, I know all about the reputation by which you know Me. Thanks for nothing, but this is My message to you: "try cleaning your own mirror before you throw mud on Mine."

Yeah, yeah, yeah, know the routine:  Beware, "That's the Devil talking, trying to steal my soul." Sorry, I can't resist a hot comeback:  "Bullschlitz! You did it yourself--and then you blame Me for whatever it was/is that you wanted." You humans are notorious for it. No, I didn't do anything; in fact, if you REALLY knew who I am and whom I work for...well, you don't, and you don't want to listen anyway because it's a great business venture for "someone who knows" who will "save" you from Me.

No, I don't tempt you; it's something you are gifted and empowered to do by yourself. I get blamed for it though because you can't stand being told that you created whatever problem is now bothering you. I KNOW all about "Well, it's in this book, or I heard it from so-and-so at services," etc.  Yeah.  Great diversion tactic:  anything to shift blame from your own desires, wishes, requests...prayers!!...and then hang the guilt on Me.  Let's get this clear: I am nothing more than your own blazing (haha) ego!! Are you surprised? Oh, Hell. Too bad. Your ignorance is your own fault, not mine.

Didn't you ever get the message that you are a Divine Creature; a part of the Creator? (We all are.) But I have a job that you wouldn't want: I get the responsibility of granting your wishes and desires--no matter how wrong your intentions are! All I am is a Messenger from your lips (and thoughts) to the Creator--and because you are a Creator-God-in-Training, guess who REALLY answers your requests? YOU do. And then you blame Me because you had your prayer-request-thought delivered because you DO manifest what you want with your thoughts. I didn't do a thing except take the order--"Ding!" and let you get what you wanted in the first place. (If I had my way, I would stop you, but no!) So I answered--because I'm your ego! I'm the half of you who says "I don't care. I want it my way at any price."

Let's see how this works with an example:  "Dear God (or whatever divinity-entity you prefer), I want...(insert your wish or prayer here)."  (No, good requests don't work on this principle.)  It's the garbage that you want that gets blamed on Me:  a woman or man to satisfy your urges, money, property, illness to someone you don't like, or just the "gimme some more!" things that you didn't need. As long as someone--ANYONE!--anything!!--is provided to slake your wish, that's fine--until the bill comes due.

Oh! and then, oh my, do you howl!  You get very serious; you pray for redemption, forgiveness, or whatever will get you out of the jam YOU created in the first place--and you blame it on...Me.  Gee. Thanks a bunch. You even do  some creative artwork about My image.

Uhhh...thanks for nothing, but  you're way off base. I am just awareness--yours--of why you need to be accountable for your desire. You got what you wanted--and you're blaming "the Devil" for this? This is the best show in town. And you're the one selling tickets to your own show. Hope you enjoy the view!

I look like you because I am that part of you! And you give Me way too much credit for your  own greed-gluttony-selfishness--rather than owning up to it yourself.  I don't hurt anyone!  I  was given a job by the Creator: "Fulfill their desire and wishes; it's the only way they're going to learn to be responsible for their own manifestations."
Therefore, let's conclude with this:  a lot of your "advisors" tell you all about Me; to beware of Me; to watch out for Me...and yeah, I know it's in all your "sacred" books.  But I don't have the best public relations campaign going; that would be too easy for you to say "Oh, it's my own fault and not the Devil!"  By the way, about my name:  "Devil."  Want a little look at how YOU make Me work for you?  

You are the Devil!  Try rearranging ONE little letter in "My" name.  "D-live." When YOU "d-live," you are "de-volving" and not "e-volving."  YOU are stopping yourselves from wisdom and learning opportunities because you asked for something that was not in the best interests of cause-and-effect!  You "de-live!" (Well, actually, sometimes challenges are requested in order to develop soul growth and character, but that's not what I mean here.) It's the "I want it MY way" things. that you are! 

I need a break from you.  It's no fun being dumped on 24/7, and then getting the blame for YOUR foolish ways.  By the way, Lucifer and Satan are NOT Me. "Satan" is a Persian word for "the eyes and ears of the king." (A "Satan" was the king's representative who would interact with the subjects of the kingdom; he was sort of a roving observer--and NOT "the Evil One.") Lucifer never was a "Fallen Angel": there are NO "Fallen Angels. He's a Sacred Being; in fact, part of the Angelic Realm. This was all drummed up from the early Church as part of some REALLY bad public relations campaigns launched because HUMANS have to blame someone else for the choices that (humans) make that end up with bad results.  Just take some responsibility for your OWN actions--and stop blaming Me for it. You asked for something--now own up to it.

Oh, by the way: Mr. Twain told you these things a long time ago. He even wrote a short story about it: how a rich man would pray to St. Peter for the people who owed him money to suffer intolerable pain, and how much he wanted St. Peter to recognize that he was a generous man--that he gave a whole five cents to the widows and orphans fund, and to make sure that his name was mentioned prominently at the next meeting of angels and others. Nice guy--Mr. Twain, that is. There are plenty of people like the guy in his story--and they all came face-to-face with Me--I mean, themselves--when they least expected it. And believe Me, there was Hell to pay.

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