It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Indigo Children (revisited), Part II

(Dedicated to Morgan and Angela, in Boaz, AL, and to Ayla from Boston.)

It is time to talk more about Indigo Children...and in another post tomorrow, Indigo Adults.  Yes, we are real, we are here, and we (as adults) have been walking on this world for many years.  As Time itself becomes more and more significant regarding socio-economic, political, and geo-physical changes on Earth, it is more important than ever that we are recognized as being DIFFERENT in our values, our sensitivities, and our purpose for knowing what and why we are here to teach and share information.  

I would also say by my own background as an adult Indigo to educators and those in the field of education:  "We do not learn like you, we do not follow your traditional ways and methods, and we do not care to be judged nor evaluated by your out-of-balance standards that have been enforced by fear, intimidation, and a broad lack of awareness on your part.  Do not expect us to teach our own in the ways that you do--and do not think you will prevent us from making our efforts known to those who need to hear them and learn."

Indigo Children

The phenomenon of the so-called, Indigo Children is an amazing tale.  Parents, teachers and child care facilitators from all over describe the attributes of children currently coming of age as representing a fundamental paradigm shift over what we have traditionally thought about children, their aspirations, and their future.  The great challenge for the rest of us is to encourage this extraordinary development as if it were the hope of the future -- which it likely is, inasmuch as children are fundamentally the lifeblood of the community.

At the same time, we must  recognize that traditional methods of dealing with children, or the horrific drugging of authority-questioning young people with Ritalin, et al, can only lead to grief for them and everyone around them.  What is needed is a whole new system of nurturing what many will not even understand, and allowing without fear the emergence of a new Hierarchy of Values, arriving in the minds and feelings of the children.

Kiara Windrider , who has studied the phenomenon is some depth, offers the following insights [reprinted with permission].

Variously called the Indigo and Violet children, the Children of Oz, or the Sun Eyed Children of the Marvelous Dawn, this generation of young people seems to be a new species of humanity arising on Earth today.  They think differently, their emotional bodies process feelings differently, their energy bodies are capable of holding stronger soul vibrations, and they have a new vision to share.  They do not fit into mainstream society. Many of them appear to have special psychic and healing abilities, and [they] need special support to control and develop these gifts.
The Indigo children generally seem to range in age from the teens into the thirties, while the Violet children are younger, and carry a different mandate.  Some of you reading this comprise the Indigo generation, and you are birthing a new species of kids. The Violet kids do not need to read any of this to know what’s real.  They are linked mind to mind in a global psychic link-up that reflects a new fifth-dimensional morphogenetic grid on Earth. As with the hundredth monkey phenomenon [1] they are the first to step into what Sri Aurobindo envisioned as “supramental consciousness”, which will eventually become available to the rest of us also, if we choose it.

There is a new “root race” forming on Earth!  Perhaps some of you reading this are being called to provide emotional support, or to provide guidance in “training” them, or to provide safe havens for them to come together, or to support their mission by attuning with them through their global mind-link. For more thoughts on this subject, see Also, Ajna site has an article at: (5/9/5)

Richard Giles , using the perspective of Astrology has his own take on the Indigo Children.

 “Among other attributes, the children relate easily to the rush of images of modern movies and communications and have no trouble understanding everything -- their information processing abilities sometimes breathtaking.  They are very sensitive children in tune with the pace of technological and future change, have few self-worth issues, absolutely no fear of authority, frustrated by systems that are non-creative and ritual oriented, and they want to do things in new and better ways.  They sometimes seem antisocial, and do not respond to guilt-inducing discipline techniques in school or at home. [emphasis added]  
“Many of these children are gifted souls. They combine the weird, inventive and futuristic energies of Uranus with the inspirational energies of Neptune. They have all sorts of patterns by which their behaviors are indicated - probably the most obvious is what we call ADHD or ADD.  However, they ought not be diagnosed as hyperactive, dyslexic and suffering from neurological disorders.  The astrologer Donna Cunningham in her excellent article entitled The Ritalin Generation, describes them as children who may be ‘wired’ differently from the rest of us.  She suggests that rather than having ADD and being described as hyperactive, it is more likely the previous generations (the rest of us) are to be considered hypoactive by comparison (Mountain Astrologer, April/May 2001).  

“The children elected as ‘Indigo’ by authors Carroll and Tober, in their book, The Indigo Children [Hay House, 1999] may be the ones who can best adjust to the future as it’s forming now with its vast high tech and mind expanding possibilities.  Only they have a nervous system wired for the immense unfolding of the next few decades, processing and acting upon astoundingly large amounts of information in very short spaces of time. This is why the new movie and TV advertisements don’t leave them mind-staggered like they do many of us.  The Indigo Children can be described as creative, independent, brilliant and self-governing.  Unfortunately it also means they do not fit in with today’s education systems which to many of these children, seem as unfulfilling as a discarded old piece of rag and as frustratingly slow as can be with non-responsive, entrenched authoritarianism.

 “Many then are seen as difficult and overactive and are drugged out with Ritalin, etc., and other pharmaceutical prescriptions to keep them limited to the older standards. Give them enlightened teachers who don’t have issues with authority themselves and they will thrive. Lock their minds up and they will rebel or refuse to cooperate and drop out.  
“Identifying this combination child is the first step (not all born from 1988 have every characteristic).  Cooperating with them is next. They will inherit the environmental predicament made by today’s leaders as their big issue being called upon to resolve it. They need support, understanding, creativeness and patience.”

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