It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reiki treatments and methods (video clips)

Below are two videos from William Lee Rand's DVD on reiki treatments.  In one, he shows the opening movements for treating and applying reiki to another person, and in the second, how to apply reiki to your own body.

Reiki is now being used by hospitals as a means of promoting healing and wellness for patients.



William Lee Rand

Founder, The International Center for Reiki Training
Master Teacher of Usui and Karuna Reiki®

William Lee Rand, founder and president of "The International Center for Reiki Training," has authored "Reiki, The Healing Touch," "The Reiki Touch Kit," "Reiki for a New Millennium," "The Spirit of Reiki," (along with Arjava Petter and Walter Lubeck) "The Reiki Class Tapes" and many other Reiki articles and CDs. In 1993-95, with the help of some of his students, he developed the Karuna Reiki® system of healing. 

He is also founder of Center for Reiki Research and editor in chief of the Reiki News Magazine as well as editor of the Online Reiki Newsletter. In 1997 he traveled to the North Pole to place a World Peace Crystal Grid, dedicated to world peace and did the same thing at the South Pole in 1999. In 2004 he place a Peace Grid in Jerusalem, in 2005 at the ICRT teaching center in Southfield, Michigan and in 2009 the Maluhia Lani Reiki center on Maui.. (See the Reiki News articles section for back articles online and Our Online Web Store for information about tapes and other products.)
William received Reiki I in 1981, Reiki II in 1982, and became a Reiki Master in 1989. William received the Reiki master level of training from five Reiki masters. He made many trips to Japan to research Reiki and also received Reiki I&II training from Mrs. Yamaguchi, who received her master or shinpiden directly from Dr. Hayashi.

William has done research on the origin and nature of the Usui System of Natural Healing and developed several new techniques including Reiki psychic surgery, the healing attunement and the Karuna system of Reiki. He is continually in contact with Reiki practitioners and teachers around the world, exchanging ideas, and developing new techniques.  

William also has a strong background in metaphysics and has been a professional astrologer, hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist, rebirther, and is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programing.
William teaches Reiki full time in classes around the world and encourages all Reiki practitioners to work together in harmony to bring peace to the planet.

Phone 1-800-332-8112, 1-248-948-8112

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