It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Northwest Dousing: Geopathic stress removal

The work of Arthur Zipperer, of Puget Sound, Washington state, sole proprietor of Northwest Dousing, at
(I just spoke for an hour with Art; he is someone I WANT to have close by when major earth changes happen!)



Geobiology studies the effects of earth energies on living organisms. Typically, these energies are naturally occurring electromagnetic radiations of the planet either in their natural state or altered as they radiate through faults, caves, mineral deposits, decaying matter, underground water, sewers, excavations, man-made structures, power stations, substations, quarries and physical or psychic pollution among others.

Inherently, these energies are neither negative nor positive, but their effect on us and other animals can be a very negative one. The plant kingdom is similarly affected in either a negative or positive way. These detrimental energies are collectively called geopathic stress. Adding man-made electromagnetic pollution to the mix can make for a considerably toxic environment.

As humans we are but mirrors of the earth; we're made of the same matter: bioelectric--and therefore possess an energy field which reflects our state of health. Affect the energy field and you affect the health of the individual. When the earth says "jump," our bodies say "how high," whether we are aware of it or not. Geopathic stress is found in every home, business, property, farm, forest or wilderness area virtually everywhere on earth. It is to the extent of the various energies, geology and local history that make an area either more or less stressed. While these energies do not inherently cause disease (though their effects can certainly mimic symptoms), it is generally agreed that spending long stretches of time in their path, especially where they overlap and intersect one another, severely stresses the immune system, which can lead to mental and physical degradation. Sleeping or working over such energies day after day will lead to health problems.

Signs of Geopathic Stress:

    * Have "never felt right" or you and/or family members beset by illness or lack of harmony after moving into a new home.

    * In Bed - grinding /clenching of teeth at night, nightmares, night sweats, restlessness, insomnia, shallow or groggy unrefreshing sleep, bedwetting, sleepwalking, children that repeatedly sleep on a certain spot or area of the bed.

    * Babies that cry all the time, especially in the crib. Children are particularly affected by geopathic stress.

    * Children that really are afraid of the dark, refuse to sleep in their room or cry every night at bedtime.

    * Hyperactivity/ADD.

    * Sudden dread or relief thereof when walking from one room to another.

    * A feeling of being watched.

    * Anxiety or nervousness for no particular reason.

    * Depression, lack of motivation, unexplained sadness or melancholy.

    * Medical treatments, conventional or alternative, not fully effective.

    * Chronic fatigue.

    * Sudden signs of physical ageing.

    * Wasting diseases.

    * Surrounding neighbors beset by illnesses.

    * Moss or fungi on the house or in the yard. Dead spots in the yard or hedges.

    * Stunted, sickly trees or shrubs.

    * Trees with twisted trunks and/or canker. Trees that excessively lean for no other reason. Most fruit trees will fail to thrive.

    * Excessive mold or mildew.

    * The presence of springs or wells on property.

    * Houses that repeatedly come on the market.

    * High turnover in rental properties.

    * Hornet and wasp nests (build on geopathic stress lines).

    * Excessive numbers of slugs, snails, insects and parasites.

    * Ants in your home, office or workplace. Ants build their nests on and "march" along negative energy lines.

    * Burrowing animals on property.

    * Illnesses in stabled livestock. In the field, most animals will naturally avoid areas of geopathic stress. Animals penned over these zones will likely suffer ill health. For centuries it was a regular practice to enlist a dowser to select sites for barn and homebuilding or to clear such structures of harmful energies.

    * Excessive barking or "escape artist" dogs.

    * Cracks in foundations, sidewalks, driveways or windows.

    * Accident-prone areas in the home, business, stretches of road or intersections.


Besides all of the previously mentioned reasons for space clearing and energy balancing, your dwelling likely carries with it the energetic residue from all previous inhabitants including their illnesses, family problems, arguments, grief and the like.

High turnover of storefronts, failure to thrive whether business is in-home or not, accident-prone areas of the store, repeated mechanical, electrical or computer problems, continual employee disharmony or absenteeism.

A property with high turnover is often a sign of pronounced geopathic stress. Additionally, a property exhibiting this energy often draws undesirable tenants.

Houses that repeatedly come on the market or that don't sell is often a sign of pronounced geopathic stress. As an agent, there have been instances where you did not feel comfortable venturing inside beyond sight of the front door or that a property radiated negativity, gloom or sadness upon arriving at the curb. This is often what geopathic stress feels like.

Most animals will naturally avoid areas of geopathic stress, as it is as disruptive and unhealthy to them as it is to us. Being penned or housed over them can cause illness, injury or ill temper. The one real exception to this is cats. Cats are drawn to this energy and will naturally seek it out. If a cat has run of a warm and comfortable house but repeatedly sleeps in a particular area or areas it is typically showing you where zones of geopathic stress are. Repeatedly sleeping on your pillow or favorite resting spot could be a warning to you. Cats naturally transmute negative energy so curling up on your chest or in your lap is beneficial in more ways than one.

While we both work with similar energies, neither practice duplicates the other with their specific offerings. Clearing a home before applying Feng Shui solutions is absolutely the best scenario for a balanced, harmonious living or working environment.

Patients that do not fully respond to proper treatment or fail to fully heal may be geopathically stressed.

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