It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Solar Flares and 2012-2013 and beyond

On today's news: 

One of the fastest big solar
eruptions in years has been
observed streaking away from the sun at more than 2.2 million mph by two NASA spacecraft.

The flare occurred Aug. 1 and
created a massive sun eruption
called a coronal mass ejection that struck Earth's magnetic field Tuesday, creating dazzling aurora displays. NASA's twin STEREO
spacecraft recorded the eruption
and beamed images of the sun
storm back to Earth.

The material ejected from the sun 
was seen speeding toward Earth at
more than 1,000 kilometers per
second, or just over 2.2 million
mph. Another wave from the event
was expected to hit Earth's
magnetic field on Wednesday.
NASA's two STEREO spacecraft,
which monitor the sun's weather in
3-D, also recorded a video of the
sun eruption.   

Okay:  I've been saying this for some time about "What's going to happen at the end of 2012 {and further into 2013}":  we're gonna have a lot of solar flares.  If you don't know what that means, consider that solar flares are eruptions of the sun's electro-magnetic aura--and they affect our planet's e-m frequencies as well.  Solar flares tend to play havoc with our electrical systems (including our own body's e-m).

In other words, expect a LOT of global black-outs/brown-outs over long periods of time and failures of the electrical supply energy system we rely upon so dearly.  On-off again cycles of unknown length.  Hello-Goodbye to everything that you plug in to a socket to charge up and run: cell phones, TVs, computers, air conditioners (or heaters), etc.  Got that?  Got firewood stored?  Do you know how to cook on a wood stove?    My message to those in education, which I've been saying regarding teaching Indigo children and those who think a Ph.D. qualifies their knowledge base:  I hope you can do your lessons with ONE textbook ONLY (or maybe NO textbook and no classroom environment).  You'll need to show HOW and WHY your lessons are important other than just memorizing information and names.  And that goes for astrologers too:  better figure how to review charts without a computer.

Yes, you're being Watched.  E-M frequency changes in human bodies are part of the Acceleration into 4D: the 4th dimension.

Since you don't believe me, let George Harrison tell you: "Here Comes the Sun" from a radio session (with Jeff Lynne there too).

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