It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lilith, the Black Moon's Denying Lessons against Ego

This just went up on my psychological astrology blog (; I'm putting it here because this is one factor in life that you don't negotiate with:  the Black Moon Lilith.  If you have an ego issue--and I find that 99.9% of humanity does--then she will make your knees bend in humility and put some strength in your backbone--the hard way--which is her way, and no compromise.  She never loses a challenge to break you.  I've seen enough of Lilith in action in my own years to know that what she brings to our soul growth lessons are as strong and powerful as they come--and they hurt for a lifetime.

The temptation and frustration of Lilith, the Black Moon, is one overlooked by many astrologers, healers, and those who seek answers about psychology, astrology, and the psyche.  This is not a part of the chart that is eagerly sought: by her own nature, Lilith denies, disables, and thwarts the most earnest and sincere intentions and pursuits.  Her role is not one that is welcomed:  she represents all that we find just beyond our grasp, even though we try relentlessly to overcome the obstacles and find satisfaction.  

Lilith, therefore, shows us what we can NOT have, no matter how badly we desire it.  I STRONGLY urge anyone to consult with me or a psychological astrologer who understands the value and importance of this elusive and mysterious object--for she wins every time, no matter how much we try and change or chance the odds. 

Instead, she offers an option--what I call "The Al Gore Award" (for the former Vice President's failed efforts to secure the vote for president in 2000.  The pain and anguish of his loss showed in his eyes for years, but he worked through his disappointment and won a Nobel prize and the attention of the world regarding climate change--which certainly has been brought to the global foreground regardless of political affiliation.)  In this way, Lilith offers us a second-place prize:  that of NOT being "a winner" in the respective house and sign placement she is located.

In doing this, Lilith may be found to take on the role of an ambassador of Saturn:  limiting, restricting, frustrating, and withholding the goals that we set for ourselves--and forcing us instead to be satisfied with the lesser results that occur.  In this way, she prunes the ego of the gaudiness with which we would adorn ourselves, and makes us find wholeness in a smaller way rather than what we had been striving to accomplish.

In the first house, she can hobble and restrict both the quality and measure of personality and appearance:  physical limitation and a thwarting of receptivity from society through denial of the way the soul presents itself.  In the second, income and self-esteem can be beaten back again and again until the soul learns to accept less and be grateful for what it possesses; in the 3rd, relationships with siblings, speech and communications, and education can be dangled overhead like a carrot beyond reach to a draft animal; in the 4th, a joyful and rewarding home life and dwelling can be taken away again and again until the soul learns to live simply and frugally, thankful for a roof and shelter; in the 5th, the longing for parenthood and romance can be denied, or a fruitful outlet for one's creative urges may go unrecognized.

In the 6th, Lilith may bestow a dull and boring work environment without recognition for accomplishment or advancement, along with poor health that saps one's vitality.  In the 7th, a happy marriage partner can be but a dream for a lonely soul, and business associates can be hard-boiled and demanding; in the 8th, sexual needs can go unquenched, and inheritances can be stolen away; in the 9th, religious dogma and restrictive philosophical values can hinder one's education and opportunity to go beyond the confines of community and home.

In the 10th, Lilith can produce a barrage of setbacks for career promotions and recognition for achievements that go instead to others; parents of either gender and authority figures may be aloof and withdrawn from the generosity of affection; in the 11th, friends may turn into enemies without warning, or the soul may lack social graces that allow for congenial mingling among peers, and in the 12th, Lilith can haunt the soul with substance abuses, neuroses and unfounded fears, and incarceration in hospitals or prisons which carve up years of life.

Despite the doom-and-gloom of Lilith, she offers us hope:  not everyone is meant to be in the spotlight of attention; not every soul is destined to be a glamorous celebrity or shining star in their respective field or endeavor.  Instead, try and be content with the little things in life that make the difference in the ways that the soul helps and benefits the lives of others.  In this manner, Lilith then rewards the soul with treasures laid up in heaven rather than squandered on Earth--and the ego learns humbleness in order to free itself from the chains that it has created on its own.

(C) MDLOP8 2011

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