It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fresh juice for health and living

(And no, I didn't say it was what you're craving.)

As a music blogger, I know that Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones gets a lot of laughs from my comments about his craggy appearance. I know he has an abusive way of handling drugs. But Keith is an avid fan of good nutrition--and that's the point: live your life, but take care of your body if you like to ramp up your recreational activities.

Our diets are deadly: we are digging our graves with knives and forks. Never mind how much we eat--it's also how badly we do it too. So what can you do to help yourself (and maybe change the way you look and feel?) Juice: fresh vegetables, and some fruit. Just ask Keith how it helps. (Not his face--his liver!)

What to juice, how, and how much? Mostly vegetables; fruits tend to add too much (natural) sugar, which can overpower your pancreas and the ability to control insulin. I try to do this daily--and yes, it does make a great difference in my energy, how I look, and how I feel. After I drank a quart of fresh juice, I would exercise for an hour, including resistance training, mini-trampoline, and a weight bar/dumbbells or push-ups.)

I recommend the Jack LaLanne juicer because it's VERY easy to clean, it's affordable (@$99 on or elsewhere, and also at COSTCO), and it's durable. I've given away at least 8 as gifts over the years. I like to use a large container to capture everything, and shop often at the grocery store for bargain prices when items come on sale in the produce department. I agree about organic foods, but right now, I'm on a tight budget and can't get as much as I'd like.

My juicing contains on a rotating basis:

broccoli (or cauli-broccoli)
Napa cabbage
red cabbage
Bok Choy
green, yellow, or red pepper
green zucchini
yellow squash
romaine lettuce

The ginger and garlic cloves are an extra; ginger cleans the blood very well as does garlic. Do NOT try onion--you'll be sorry! I do assure you the ginger and garlic alone will blow your nose clean, but you'll feel like a turbo-charged engine from head to toe.

Don't be surprised how full you feel, and maybe need to skip a meal: that's fine! Juicing will add a HUGE amount of nutrients directly into your bloodstream.

If you or someone likes to feed small animals, the pulp is an excellent source. It can also be used (without the garlic?) for breads, and with, for soup or meat loaf. (Like I said...the budget.)

And no: as we age, we do NOT need as much food. In fact, it has been proven that eating less food (but more nutritiously) will keep us alive longer and in better health. Forget that silly "What's in your wallet?" commercial: try "How are YOU planning to live beyond your 70s?"

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