It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Golden Opportunity comes to us

Three times the normal amount of supply of gold in the world would be amazing enough.
But as David’s research has now deduced, from multiple sources, it is more akin to ten times the gold that exists off the records.
From David Wilcock (and a note from me*)
We do not necessarily recommend selling your gold if you have any, but neither would we recommend buying it at this stage, due to the events that will transpire.
We understand that there may be a partition of fear to move through as this process is underway.

You will need to see the apparent collapse of civilization first, before these changes can fully surmount the existing world order – in order to form a more perfect union of the mortal mind with the infinite, everlasting Oneness.
Time, as it is defined in this reality, needs its place.
The unveiling of certain truths is predisposed towards the gradual unfolding, rather than a sudden, overwhelming blitzkrieg of information.
The delicate fabric of the soul is finely wrought by the hand of the Creator – and it would not wish for there to be any upheavals in the building of your true self.
Rather, it is this goal that is held paramount: to love one another, to honor this Universe for what it is, and to appreciate yourself in each and every moment as the glorious gift you are.
For you are not alone. This is the reality.

Look around you and see the dishonesty that prevails. 
See it for what it is.
Know that the cosmic game requires that there be a balance to enable all souls to see the mirror of their own seeming negativity within this illusion.
We say “seeming negativity,” for these actions, thoughts and decisions that would infringe upon the free will of others represent moments of confusion -- where the soul has strayed away from its true identity and consciousness as an infinite, immortal being of love and light.
(What I got from this*)

A message comes now: "Neither buy more nor sell gold." Here, have it! It's yours--all you wish. Do with it as you will: store it, hide it, seek it. You will have all you wish, and you may do with it as you want.

There will come a time when you must decide what to do with it; the choice is more about how you plan to use it. Do you want it for security and safety, or for its purpose? (There are many; artistic and practical. Healing and Transformational.) So what would you do for gold? With gold? had a Lot of It: the picture.
That much. Yours. Now suppose there was a Time of Need--Would you buy food? Medicine? Comforts?
  Now what would you do if everyone else could have that SAME amount of gold too. And they didn't have to buy it--it was just so easy to reproduce it in vast quantity. Everyone could have all that gold if they wanted it too. How would THAT be? Would you still want it so you could buy things....or not, if it's not worth as much at all? That it no longer has power to control and influence other than what someone personally wants for it? It's as common as, say, flowers.

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