It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Guidance and Survival options: Tribal Council Groups

In view of the status of the East Coast (New York, New Jersey) and friends and family of mine, I am again posting this. The significance of learning to adapt with less--and to cooperate with others because the willingness to survive and share is the Primary Function of the Group--will now be seen in ever-increasing events like Superstorm Sandy on a global level.
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I was given a message several months ago; some of my friends have already received this information, but I think it's time now to share it.  If it works in your view, then I thank you for agreeing; if you have questions or doubts, then I welcome them too as a way to help us find the answers and directions we are seeking.  These are what I was told will be some of the choices that various Tribal Councils will have to make and how they may be resolved.  

More choices and answers may yet be provided, not only to me, but to others.  Again, this is not a "must-do" list, but rather a series of considerations that we may have to resolve in order to survive as a collective responsible group on Mother Earth.

Decisions and outcomes will be made by the Council of 12. An elder who does not cast a decision will be an adviser.  In this council there will be eight women and four men; five mothers and two fathers.  Let everything that the Council decides be FIRST for the well-being of the group’s children.
"Cooperation, not competition” is a primary directive to consider.  No one receives more nor less than anyone else; sharing resources and effort will bring results for survival. 
“Learn to Live with Less.”  You do not need everything you desire; this is part of our Cooperative Lesson for Each Other’s survival—and our own.  
“Do what you know best and expect no compensation.  Knowing your needs will be met is your exchange.”  There is no need for monies; bartering may be considered, but in perspective, just DOING what is needed for the Tribe is what matters most. 

The same may be considered with other Groups or Tribes whom you may encounter:  if they are wise enough, they will understand that We All Need Each Other to survive and continue onward.  This is why we are here:  to build this ideal and to live and practice it.
Realize that SOMEONE has to do “the dirty jobs.”  If you are willing, then be recognized for your effort by the Tribe.  This includes taking care of the children as much as caring for those who are in need of physical care by age or other conditions.
It does NOT matter who lives with whom or how they choose to practice their choice of partner.  Some may do so because they realize their DNA is not worthy of bearing children; this does not reflect their capacity to be a caring and loving soul. 
The same goes for personal values about Awareness of the Creator.  We are not bound by “religious” principles. We ALL know the Creator’s Presence in ourselves and each other. Do not let divisions come between each other over who has a stronger sense of his or her belief system.  The Creator has made us All Equal.

In maintaining the Council, realize that some members of the Tribe may bring about conditions of distress or actions that are seen as dangerous and insensitive, even to the point of creating judgment.  

Realize instead that someone may be in need of healing; seek instead to find what has gone wrong in that person’s view or thinking and make peaceful effort to help them correct their way.  Harming each other for actions that are not sensible destroys instead of building back what has gone wrong.   
If someone chooses not to live in harmony with the Tribe, they may decide to leave.  If the Council decides to ask them to leave, consider once again if all effort has been made to provide support and compassion to this person.  If so, then release and forgive them as they leave.


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