It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Lightworker Retreat: Ojai, CA recharge

Where do I register?
Visit the event page to get more information on the retreat and at the bottom of the page is the button to register.

What are the dates of the Retreat? 2/28/13 - 3/3/13
Our first event is March 28th, in the evening, to gather for Dinner at “The Jester” located at 139 E Ojai Ave in Ojai.
Our last event will be a bruncheon, location TBD

What hotels/spas are available in the area?
Here is a link to the area hotels, as listed through our Ojai Visitor’s Center

What if I don’t have enough money for accommodations?
We are organizing Host Family stays.  Local families will open their home for you to stay–they will only provide bed, not food or entertainmet.  Must be pre-registered to take advantage of this option.

Can I camp or bring my RV?
Yes!  Here are the sites.
  • The Ojai Foundation: very high in energy, has yurts, domes, tent camping, free use of vegetarian kitchen and tepee
  • Lake Casitas: has a waterpark, many tent and RV sites, however, you cannot swim in the lake so there is no beach
  • Wheeler George Campground We have never stayed here so cannot provide feedback.
*If you want to beach camp, Faria Beach and Hobson’s Beach are amazing and are only 30 minutes away from Ojai.  These sites are first come-first serve unless you have an RV, then you can camp anywhere along the road by Emma Woods campground or Faria Beach.

Do we check in somewhere when we get there?
No, all you have to do is show up (pre-registration is preferred) and attend an event/workshop/meal of your choice.  This is a free-flowing weekend where you arrive and spend whatever time with us that you’d like!

How do I get back my $25 refundable registration fee?
We will have someone at each of the group events (excluding workshops) to return your fee.

How can I donate?
You can donate to support this event (MUCH APPREACIATED!) by going to  Indicate in your donation that it is for the Lightworker Retreat.

What is the deadline to register?
Our official deadline for registering is February 8, 2013; however, we will not turn anyone away, even if they show up on the day of.  We ask that all consider that we cannot plan accurately for this event without knowing the amount of participants and we will not be able to assist with accommodations if there are none available.

Can I bring a friend, even if they are not a Lightworker?
All are welcome to the event; however, remember that meditating, learning about spirit body and discussing our connection to source does not resonate with everyone, we would want all present to be in the moment and love the connections!

How can I volunteer at the event?
Please contact Kelly Schwegel at
Volunteer opportunities include:
  • Refunding $25 registration fee
  • Sharing information at the dinners/lunches about the Ojai Area
  • Manning an information booth at each location (excluding workshops)
  • Assisting with set up and take down of the Lightworker Marketplace
  • Assisting in transporting people to events who do not have a vehicle and the trolly does not visit
  • Giving a free workshop, healing session or guiding a group meditation

How can I get to Ojai from Los Angeles Airport (LAX)?
Here is a link that outlines all of the ways to get to Ojai:

How can I get around in Ojai if I do not rent a car?
Ojai has a trolly system ($.50) that can get you most places.  For the events that the trolly does not go to we will be organizing car pooling at each of the dinners and events.

How Can I get there from Santa Barbara?
Door-to-door transportation to and from the Santa Barbara Airport is available by reservation. The shuttle company that serves the area is the Roadrunner Shuttle.
Phone: (805) 389-8196 or 1-800-247-7919.
From Santa Barbara Airport, the rate is $60 for 1-3 people ($120 both ways). Please note that this information may not be up-to-date. Please check with the service providers directly. If you need transportation from and to the airport, please book it directly with Roadrunner Shuttle, at least 2 days in advance.
NOTE:  The Santa Barbara Airport is a much smaller, closer and nicer airport than LAX, just about 45 miles north of Ojai.

When will the final schedule be available for listing of event meeting times and places?
We will send each registered participant a packet with event listings and times at least one week prior to the event.  We will also be posting the event schedule on

What if I did not regester and still want to come?
All will be welcome, although pre-registration is preferred.  Check on for a listing of events.  Show up to one of the events and we will make sure you are included in the whole event.  We will not be able to provide any Host Family stays if not pre-registered.

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