It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Higher Self Wisdom

These words of wisdom and insight are from a high school classmate from Bellingham, Washington, Ed Pettit:

"Throughout most of last night, during sleep, I was having an experience of "hyper-communication." Not a dream but a dialog within my own self or with surrounding energies. I thought I would share the gist of it:

"Main thing is, don't take anything very seriously or seriously at all because it really doesn't mean anything. It's all just a blip of consciousness; a very short experience that will hardly be remembered. Have fun. Enjoy. Be cheerful. Relax. Never worry. Be light hearted. And light of heart. Be the light in your heart. Nothing else matters. Trust the universe. Trust yourself. You are loved always. Feel the love that surrounds you. There is only joy. Only peace. Only love. Just be happy. That's all that matters. That's all that masters. There are no levels or degrees of understanding. Only here in this plane. There is no growth. Only here. There is no practice. Just letting go the thoughts that you don't want or need. Those that don't make you happy. Main thing, be happy. That is of the heart, not of the head. That's the key. Be happy that the world you see and think you live in is not the real world. Be happy that you can be there, do what you want and not lose anything that is real. A child is happiest when surrounded by love and allowed to play freely. And that is where you are. So enjoy and be happy. You are loved and you are everything that you want. And so is everyone. There is nothing special in love. You don't earn it. You don't have to work for it or study for it. It is the free gift of life. Everyone is included. No one is left out. Everyone gets to play."

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Karen Thomasrice said...

Exactly! How many times have I advocated for that way of looking at this moving picture show we are all playing a part in. Remember we are also the director. One thing to think about: choose your script, YOUR SCRIPT, NOT SOMEONE ELSE'S. KEEP in mind if your not writing it, living it, loving it, being it WHO IS?