It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dimensional Levels of Existence: the Soul's Ladder of Experience

(This is an edit by me from an earlier article about Indigo Children and Adults. I'm now bringing forward that portion regarding Dimensional Levels of Existence.)

There are 13 Dimensional levels. Each has its own level or basis of a ratio of spirituality--or the ability to manifest: to bring forward life and Awareness--and density, or a tangible, physical, structural existence with sequential growth designs. The higher the Dimensional level, the higher the quality of spirituality; as Dimensional levels decrease, density (or "physical existence-Awareness") increases instead. (In simple terms: as one increases in spiritual awareness, the less need for the physical existence. As density increases (lower dimensions), spirituality declines. We are meant to learn to raise ourselves through all 12 levels to come back to Full Awareness as Co-Existence with the Creative Source in 13D. That is the Lesson and Purpose of Souls: to be an Awareness Experience through all 12 dimensions, each soul with a unique view.

There are also octave levels within each Dimension that may or may not be visible depending on how low a level may function within that Dimension's range of Awareness. (This is why some people can see life forms that are not visible to others: the Middle Earth types of life like elves, fairies, and others. They're at a higher octave.)

Regarding Dimensional levels in general, they range from the highest realm of spirituality with no physical density (13D, or the Creative Source) to our 1D level of solid matter with total density and no spirituality (the ability to bring forward life and awareness). In 1D, the ability to support and enhance other life forms (rock-soil-mineral) exists. Sentient life does not exist in 1D, although higher-level beings can enter into an existing 1D object of any size to experience it as an Awareness. (Obviously something significant and large, like a mountain, gets more attention and energy for a 1D experience from overall planetary and multiple-life-form levels. It is truly "feeling the earth" on its deepest essence.) On 2D level, we find plant life forms: the ability to bring forward life (spirituality) now exists, but physical existence is the main form. The concept of simple life cycles and reproduction is now explored. Existence in the physical is simple and without a separate capacity for reasoning or instinctual behaviors.

In 3D, animal forms of life are now able to co-exist and share a physical realm. There are varied capabilities regarding the power and ability to create as spirituality grows. Intelligence has begun to grow and expand, and spiritual awareness has become a primary interest.

We have just left the Third Dimension (3D) as of December 20, 2012. This was the real value of the Mayan Calendar message. We are now in the 4th Dimension, although many people on the planet are still engaged in 3D-level thinking because they are refusing to accept messages and information about their true purpose on this planet as a spiritual being having a human experience. Others will Awaken and become more aware of their growth and lessons in the coming years. 

So here we are in 4D, the Fourth Dimensional level of Consciousness, where humans become aware of the Universal Law of One, otherwise known as "Unity Consciousness." This Law states that we are all One, we are all connected and that whatever affects one of us affects all of us. Indigo children carry this awareness in their consciousness, and it leads them to be warriors for many causes that will heal the Earth and stop humans from destroying and polluting their environment and harming other humans.

Higher levels of consciousness, awareness of the interconnectedness of all things and a desire for an empowered and creative life will soon become the characteristics of all humans on Planet Earth.

The Law of One also fosters the understanding in Indigo beings that we are all equal, and that no one is greater than any other. This group consciousness and group awareness is the path to the future for humans. We will learn to function co-operatively and for the good of all if we are to create the New Earth that we desire.

Indigos respect the talents and abilities of each individual, but these talents do not make any one greater than anyone else. The play of ego and self-importance has no real place in the life of an Indigo.

When an Indigo awareness opens into the Fifth Dimension, it becomes aware of itself as a Creator. Fifth (5D) Dimensional awareness loves to create. All the religious belief systems and the economic systems on Earth today are Fifth Dimensional Thought Form creations that we hold in place by our continued support of these thought forms. They form a Fifth Dimensional grid around the Earth. Most lower- dimensional beings are completely unaware that their thoughts and behaviour patterns are being controlled from this level. 

(Many of us are working and manifesting on this 5D level: we know the power of the Secret of Manifestation and Abundance. Many of us have let go of the snares and traps that still exist in the requirements that linger in the fading 3D world and those who still think on that level.)

When the Indigo awareness opens to this level, there is often a rejection of all belief systems and a consciousness of the freedom to create new and alternative ways of thinking and being. The Indigo person takes on the  planetary mission of creating and bringing in new ways of thinking and being for Planet Earth. But, at this level the consciousness is still concerned with dualities of "good" and "bad," that determine what kind of system is best for Earth. The next step in consciousness is to move beyond duality and into a realm where all is seen as part of the greater good and for the good of the greater whole.

This advanced state is known as Sixth (6D) Dimensional Consciousness, and is the realm of the Christed Child or Magical Child. All Crystal children are born into this level of awareness. They have immediate access to the magical and spiritual aspects of who they are, and are able to blend imagination and creation in fantastic and joyous ways. If they were left to their own devices, they would immediately create a magical planet. But, they still have to deal with a largely Third Dimensional consciousness, and they struggle with the patterns and behaviours that they find here.

When an adult Indigo consciousness makes the shift into the Crystal state or awareness, they enter into Sixth Dimensional awareness and the Christ  Consciousness seed. They are rebirthed, in consciousness, as a Christed or Magical child. With this comes an awareness of the playfulness of life, and the play of Spirit through human beings on this planet. Then all life is seen as magical and blessed, and all life is directed and advanced through the work of spirit. At this point, the being understands the principle of surrender to the flow of the greater evolutionary wave, while still exercising the right to be a creator on the individual level. (There are many charismatic people who are involved in great works of social and humanitarian projects which involve selfless dedication and service; I would consider them to be at this level.)

The Crystal consciousness, when it has matured enough at this level, can then move into the Seventh (7D) Dimensional level, where awareness opens onto the nature of the spiritual mission of the being. A Crystal or Christed adult at this level is ready to take on a planetary mission as a carrier of higher dimensional consciousness to others. The work may involve teaching and healing on a grand scale, or it may simply be to carry the energy in the auric field so that others may access the higher vibrations in their own upwards ascension path. (I would consider someone working on a life path of total dedication and service to society--perhaps like Gandhi).

The Crystal child and adult now carry the potential to open fully to the Ninth level or Full Christ Consciousness. This incorporates the Eighth (8D) level, or Archetypal level, where the being has full control over the "story" of their life on Earth. (To my understanding, this is where a soul becomes a true avatar and spiritual messenger), and the Ninth (9D) level, where the being assumes full responsibility for stewardship of the Planet. 

(As I understand this, by now, in 9D, the soul is united in a group with other souls on that level, and this is a collective effort which continues on in higher dimensions. There is no longer a need to incarnate on any level with a physical body or form.)

The potential then exists for the being to continue on the journey to the Tenth (10D) level, where the soul accesses Solar System responsibilities; the Eleventh (11D) level, where the Galactic level of consciousness is accessed and finally the Twelfth (12D) level, where the Gold Ray of Universal Consciousness inaugurates the soul as a Full Universal Being. 

The Thirteenth (13D) level represents the Master, who enters into the Divine Mystery as a fully conscious spark of the Divine Creative Essence.

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