It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It's all about choices: the Matrix is real. We Are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Starseed Childhood and Memory

This is the Chandra Nebula. When I see images like these (or my book cover), I feel like messages are being given to my intuition to "remember" why I say I am a Starseed.
The starseed are the forerunners of the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children being born now: the "ambassadors" of Light and Harmony for our planet.

The term "starseed" refers to those souls who feel as though they are "not from this world"; that {they} are connected in some way to beings who live on other planets (and not necessarily in human form, but with similar ties--but who have a connection to helping protect and teach others to advance their self-values and concern for all life on this planet and elsewhere.)

It's an idea I came across that describes the incredibly powerful but difficult-to-explain thoughts and feelings that have been so fundamental to my life since early childhood--when I could not make my family understand why I was "different" in behavior and attitude from my siblings and relations. (I was very gentle and kind, taught myself to read, and was going through encyclopedias as fast as possible. One of the issues that I was firm in mandating to them was that I identified with living on another world than Earth.) This does not go easily for a 6-year-old child who has an extremely high intelligence. That and "Mitchell has pointed ears!" was my way of acceptance that since it was visible enough for them, so it was okay for me to speak up about being a starseed. So I thought!

My parents thought it was entertainment of sorts and foolishness at best--which crushed my eagerness to share with them. It was so bewildering because it was so natural to me to think about these things. I later realized why I learned astrological psychology so fast: those young hours spent in books, especially about myths and lost civilizations. And I realized I had a photographic memory as well.

In my 20s, I later found this as a list of people who called themselves "Starseed." The reverberations inside me were like waves in a pond that rippled when something breaks the surface. I KNEW all these feelings! It was a tremendous relief to find someone who could explain the ideas that I kept quiet about as a child--such as being frustrated that no one else was telepathic and could not hear my thoughts, and that I could not move objects with psycho-kinetic abilities.

Later, four movies would leave me shaking and crying by overpowering emotions of longing and validation: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Starman, Cocoon, and K-PAX. The release of Avatar had a similar effect: I recognize the Na'Vi type of feline creature. (Humans are a useful and adaptive life form to multiple planetary environments, and also have cross-breeding potentials that are most exotic! Earth is also an excellent training ground!) Each told of the human-starseed connection and some of the mysteries that have been deliberately hidden from the population-at-large by beings who use information-as-a-control. Richard Dreyfuss's frustrated character Roy in CE3K feels like a personal work-out to me each time I have read the book or watched the film because I can so much relate to his feelings. I also had an amusing message from a man at Earth Spirit (a metaphysical store in Red Bank, NJ, where I worked on weekends), who reluctantly admitted: "I 'see' space ships around you, but I don't understand why." I told him it was perfectly normal.

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of typical symptoms experienced by starseeds on Earth:

1. Feeling out of place here - like a fish out of water. You may also be a misfit or loner.

2. Feeling like the people here aren't "right" or are not really related to you - asking yourself "Where are my people, where is my tribe?"
3. Feeling overwhelmed by the crazy energies and prevalent destructive belief patterns of this place - so that you might often be thinking "This is madness, utter madness - let me off this planet."
4. Attacks of incredibly intense craving to "go home**," for a UFO to land and pick you up (whereas most human souls will run away from a UFO, or at least approach it with extreme caution, starseeds will automatically run towards it). Such bouts of longing, despite being of psychological nature, may register higher on the "pain" scale than anything else you ever experience here.

(**Mine were--and are--SO strong that it is like a homesickness that never is fulfilled. It is a longing that aches with no cure other than "Wait: patience is important" as an answer. "A broken heart" is as close as I want to compare--and the movies certainly cause flare-ups. I realize too that there is and will be deceptions from this for starseeds when Contact Times do come. It is as much a warning here as possible: not all who will "visit" us in the 21st century after Earth changes have taken place will have the best intentions. Their ego and demands to be honored and worshipped again as the gods of ancient times are indications of their true intent. Learn to discern which Visitors are to be trusted.)

5. Noticing your energy pattern and muscle-tension states - at long last - relax when you are (exclusively) in the presence of starseeds.

6. Going to channeling lessons and while all the other guys are channeling some angels or ascended masters, your contacts are usually with extraterrestrial beings.
7. Some starseeds even have clear memories of and/or connections with their last life and/or beings still living there. Such information may well up in your dreams, in a daydream state or while waking up, or even simply in the normal waking state, when you focus your attention on the connection.
8. A burning desire to know the meaning of life, to understand the basis of existence.
9. An intuitive and heartfelt caring about other beings and/or nature.
10. Feeling comfortable alone - because you're not alone, all of existence is there.

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